Sunday, November 16, 2008

Important SharePoint Sites to Download


  1. Hi Bijaya,
    This is Aashish here. I'm new to Sharepoint. Could you help me with any of the sites giving me tutorials of sharepoint.
    I went through your links, but I need some more...which move gradually from beginner to novice.They may or may not be video tutorials.

    Any help is appreceated.

    Aashish Washikar

  2. hi Aashish, It will be very much better if you will go through a book perfectly. i am giving you a link just go through this download a book and then try to cover that first. This is recommended when ever you are starting sharepoint.

    And the link is (if not working please copy paste the link)
    Click here

  3. Hi
    i think there are 2 videos r availble for free ,i had it long back 4m torrents....

    train signal training videos on MOSS -650MB
    I think the another train video would be from pilothouse consulting -3GB

    try those from torrents

  4. Nice info.i am working on sharepoint services 3.0 customization .Could u tell me how to send the e-mails to a agroup and the setting requird for the same.

  5. hi this is deepesh here i liked ur videos on sharepoint
    can u help me in it
    i just dowloaded some web parts
    i am using wss 3.0
    now how can i use these web parts into my site or in technical sense how may i deploy it it involver .dwp file with other files also

  6. Hi deepesh,
    First you have to add these web parts to the site. Then only you can reference to this in the web site.

  7. Hi Bijaya

    can u please suggest me some books to study sharepoint as a beginer.

  8. Hi Varun,
    There are lot of books available in Torrent for moss 2007 and wss 3.0. But as for my experience, You should go with the following books. I believe these are the best books for everyone.


    I feel you should go through these books first. I am also learning from all these books. You will get all these books from Torrent All the best...

  9. Hi Bijaya..

    Hi i am working as Software eng on tech of .net i wann learn Share point in order to enhance my skills,As i have good exp on can u sugges how i start..shoud i go with sharepoint devlopment or sharepoint administration.

    Thanks in advance