Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday at Office

Hi Friends,
I am not a good Blog Writer but still 100% trying to bore you. This is not my first time to work on sunday in the office. And of course it's not a surprise in software industry to work on sunday.One side of my office usually where i used to sit a bit lighting and the rest part is a bit dark Since there was heavy workload i did not get much time to analyse the day but it was a good experience to work on. I was not getting too much bored since my Team Leader with me. But i find a bit difficult to work in the second half, since i was feeling a bit sleepy at that time, As i had a dream to sleep on the whole Sunday. But i get attention after 3 to finish the work and go out and enjoy the rest of the day.

I was determined to work on Sunday and of course this is the perfect time to learn something.And this is really really an important work(i can not disclose the work as an employee of the company)and i knew i will definitely get handsome amount of knowledge from this work.So i do not mind coming to office on sunday. You can visit to know more about SNet a social networking product for which i was working.

And honestly there was no friend online in Gtalk neither in Skype, that's a bit helpful to me as well as a bit bore. But we(me and my Team Leader) are very much dedicated towards work and also we discussed about our work in the middle. I personally aimed to finish the work as soon as possible. Since that was all about to keep someone's faith and to prove your skills. I can not also write whether i was able to keep keep there faith or not but i am bit satisfied with the work.

As usual i have taken the same cup of tea. But one thing i can not avoid of thinking that "Am i the only person in the office who is neglecting in the work?", and that really gave me confidence to carry on. This was always reminding in my mind. And one interesting thing, When my Project Manager asked me whether you are still in office? I just say her yah i am still here but I will take one day leave after the release of this project. It was really satisfying when some one asked like this.Finally i left the office sharp at 6:30. Overall this was a good day.