Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Last Day of 2008

I am confused whether i will consider the last day as 24hr or 18 hr.i mean whether i will say from 12.00 to 12.00 or from morning 6:00 to 12:00 night. Anyway let me explain my last 18hr of 2008.

It will be a lie if i say i get up from bed at 6am, You know its gurgaon and so much cold over here so i finally manage to get up from bed at 9 am. So i spent 3hr for sleeping from my 18hr, i do not mind because this was the last day of the year.One of my friend's health was not good so i have to go for hospital and came from there by 11:45/12:00. so i left with 12hr of 2008. I have taken a half day leave so i have to go for office by 12:30. I never miss a chance to chat with my friends in GTalk, so i chat for 12 to 12:30. I chat with one of my orkut friend from jajpur orissa. I can not believe that i got a gift from that friend and that is secret. I even can not give any hints about this please forgive me for this. Then i reached at office at 1.00pm and started working. The real fun comes after 4pm when everyone is busy with sending cards and discussing with friends about their plan to celebrate New year. Honstly after 4 pm i personally believe i have not worked anything only discussing with my Colleagues. After that i came from office at 7.00pm and manage to take my dinner by 10:00pm.So i left with only 2hr of 2008.

And in between i just had a flashback of 2008, It is not a best year for me but it is a good year. I managed to take care of my family as well as a very good year for my work too, I learn a lot of things in every field. So over all it is a good year for me. Now as the time passes i can not able to decide to whom i will wish first, whether to my brother or to my friend or to my colleagues or to any orkut friends or to whom??? and whether the network will be perfect or not at that time and many more things. And if you will ask me what will be the best moment of the last day then i will say probably the 20 min that i spent with my favorite sir while coming from the office and second the gift that i got my friend and third the moment i spent with my colleagues in the office. From 10 to 12 pm i am as usual in net and chating with friends. Till now i have not decided to whom i will wish first but definitly i will wish to some one.

And its now 11:59:59 so my last day finish now... Wish u all a very very happy new year 2009...