Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Oct 2nd for me

For every Indian Oct 2nd is rememberable for Gandhiji, I have too. But still I have something special. It someone's birth day... and she was very close to me, 2 years back... Be sure I now have only respect for her. I never tried to contact with her in the last 2 year, not even tried to call her. Nothing... I just let her live happily.

When I first came to gurgaon in 2006, I said her that on the next Oct I will be with you on ur next birth day. I was sure about that definitely i ll go to meet her in her next birth day. But time can change all the things and as time passes everything got changed, every promises and all.

I was really upset enough at that time since it was diffcult to forget someone who is very close to your heart, but now I reallly appriciate her decession  and hoping she is running with a very good life. And I know I even can not able to meet her on this year too since it is really tough to go now.

 From that time onwards I never tried to meet or to contact her. But I will definitely meet her once when the time comes. All the time you will come accross some people to whom you can never forget and it's with me too and still happening with me now a days too. Some are still in my heart... with some beautiful memories...It is really tough to remember all the things !!! I dont know why mind is like this, why I only can not forget all the things?

What a boring story na ???????????????????????