Monday, January 17, 2011

Difference between Intelligent and Hungry

These two words somehow change my life in a way. First of all how these two words come to my mind? Why I am thinking much about these two?

I do not know whether I am going to disclose official details or I am just sharing what I learn from a discussion. Any ways there is nothing in mind to go against the rules of the company, just want to share something. Last week I attended a meeting with my managers in my current organization. It’s around a 2hrs discussion. But I really felt the importance of the meeting after returning to my seat from the conference room.

There was a lot of discussion regarding focus, dedication towards work. But one thing that I was looking out for answer was “Whether I am hunger towards my work? Whether I really love the work, whether I had always in my mind about my work and responsibilities?”. I conclude that If someone is really hunger towards work not only in software field but also in any of the field then his intelligence will grow up. He definitely will start thinking in different manner, his process of work will change and that will reflect his eagerness towards work. Personally I realized and analyzed the whole day even after I came back from office. I really felt there were mistakes from my side and if I will try then I can rectify these issues.

I want to share one more thing: During the discussion I answered for a particular question, the answer is “Whenever I will get chance I hope I will succeed”. And the reply was very high level than my thought. He simply told me “Bijay there should not be like CHANCE, it should reflect on your way of work”. I feel that was extremely correct. If your work talks on behalf of you then definitely the chance will come to you. I will not say chance again but the opportunities will come to you. So let’s try to get the opportunities not the chance.