Monday, January 17, 2011

Most funniest dream ever.

I am a very big fan of Sourav Ganguly from the very begining when I understand cricket. Honestly I could not able to remember when this dream cames but probably during my MCA period. As far as I am able to remember there was a match in Eden garden and Sourav Ganguly was the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and due to some injurey He has to sit out from the match. Probably at that time I became fool by my self. After the dream I open my eyes and started smiling to myself and just hoping this might be true. And this is like: The Eden Garden was full of crowds, every one is just hoping to watch the batting pf Sourav Ganguly. But the sad news came at that time that Ganguly will not play in this match due to enjuiry and after that my role cames. Sourav Ganguly was discussing with  Me about the match and the playing eleven near the boundary line near the rope. And Ganguly was saying me to open the innings with Sachin tendulkar since he will not pla the match. And also he did not want to lose the match since this was his home ground. He was telling me like that I am the only dependant batsman in the Team. I was not giving importance to him since I was  in tense how to manage things. And suddenly I wake and found myself in the bed rather than the crowded stadium. Sad ...  Very Sad ... from Eden Garden to My Bed...

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