Monday, January 17, 2011

My first experience as an Interviwer.

I will not say today is a very great day, but it is a different day for me. Today I have taken 3 interviews and all are face to face interviews in .net. Really I got different experience today. If I will describe about the candidates then one has 4 around another one has 3.5 around and the last one has around 3 yrs. And the last candidate is working as a Team leader in a small organization. But all are M not any F. Honestly I was nervoused while going to take the interview of the first candidate, but when I enter into the conference room and in the first 30 sec I came to knew that I can handle the candidate. I am a bit confident since the boy was not so gud in english as well as not good in technical too. I have taken around 25 min. But when the 2nd candidate came, I saw his resume, He has around 4 yrs of exp and he came from  the HCL. I asked him different questions from, and sql server. I asked him questions that I was asked while i was
giving interviews. After this interview when I came to my desk I just think, is it really a good decession to reject a candidate who is working in a very reputed company. Am I really on that level who can decide the future of a company and a candidate. Then I realizes that as a professional I have to decide and since the candidates are good enough but not matches our requirement so I rejected them. And since the position is for our project I just know the exact requirement. And the last one is more interesting. He told that He is working as a Team lead in his company and within the 2 yr carrier he has completed more than 15 projects. Whenever I asked a question, his first answer was like I have implented in 2 projects and then I am unable to remember now. At last he said If I have my laptop with me then I must ve been show you. I said then OK. 

And from my experience I will tell one thing never try to escape by giving a wrong answer if you did not know the anser. And be confident and clear on your words. Just try to say what you know.

At the end I did not feel that it is a very tough job to take and interview. But yes definitely it is very gud job to select a good candidate. It is not about giving the right answer but giving the answer so that the interview can understand...