Monday, January 17, 2011

My IT experience till now

I have been in the IT industry for more than 3.5 years. During this long period I have learnt a lot of things about the industry, the  kind of work, the team, the team members, the style of work, the company needs etc. This is totally my personal opinion, may be this is totally different for every one, I am just sharing my experience. You might have been a very good experience than me or may be a very bad experience. It depends.

Before I will tell you anything, Just remember one thing this is totally  a private sector and company is paying us, so we need to work. You can not say no to anything. And after somedays you became the expertise.

I am not really lucky enough to get a CMM level 5 company at the very begning still now not in that type of company. But I have no regreats since my current company is very good and I am enjoying my work here. On the other hand it feels very good that I have started my carrier from a company whose strength is within 10 (now strength is above 60). As a very small company you need to do all the things by alone, each and every part of a product or a web site. Any ways forget this...

 Please forgive me if anything that hurts you during this topic.I saw a lots of thing like what is a team, how team members working, how your feedback is taken, how meetings are handled, how people are working around you. But it varies from company to company and people to people. Lets think about companies, some companies think that their employies should come at right time and sit till late. Some company do not have any issues regarding that, only think about how to finish the work. If you finish your work in 1 hr then your job is finish, then they do not mind what you are doing after that.

About the collegues, you can not even believe which type of friends will come around you. So never be heartly attach with any one. Be professional always, Never discuss about anyone with others, that is never been a good attitude. What you want to say say it directly to the concerned person, not to others. A practical experience if someone is asking to you about someone, or if someone is taking feedback of someone then be sure your feedback will be taken. Because everyone is an employee of the company.

Then think about the work, be confident that what you have done is one of the best solution. If you have done any mistake then be sure to accept that and appolise for the same if someone is affected by you. Because you can learn from the mistakes and experience. In my point of view repeating the same mistake is the real mistake, neither the first time is the mistake. Everyone has different way to solve the same problem, so never think that you have the worst one, always think the efforts you have given is valuable and your solution has some more point. One mistake we usually doing is to start up do coding when ever some one give a task. But I personally feel that was a wrong way to start. Rather we should first confirm what we exactly want to do, what is the requirement, which approach should I take, always think there are multiple solutions and I have to choose a different one. I already have made these mistakes most of the times in my past life, now just trying to avoiding these mistakes. Don not worry if any error comes while developing, do not just jump into your seniors or to with your collegues. First try to replicate the error, give your maximum effort to solve your problem by yourself, after that you can try out for someone's help. Ok forget the work.

Remember Company is paying because your working for him, As long as you are working you will be valuable to the company. Never mix up your personal life or personal problems with your work. Only think about the work within the working hours and forget everything after that because everyone has family and personal life. OOPS may be I talked more...