Thursday, January 20, 2011

SharePoint List Vs Custom SQL Server database

A question always arise whether to store data in SharePoint list or in a database. There are actually some schenarious where it is better to use list and in some schenerious it is better to use database like:

Handles complex data relationships: In this schenirous Database will support but list will not.

Handles large numbers of items: To handle large numbers of items is possible in database but not in sql server.

Handles transactions: Handles transactions will be easier in database rather than in list.
Is easy to use: List will be easier to use since SharePoint provides some Web Parts that provide simple methods for managing the data.

Accommodates workflows: Custom workflow and event handlers can easily be registered to lists rather than to database.

Includes a standard interface:If the data was stored in a database, it would require custom user interface components to access and manipulate it. Also, specialized skills are required to design, implement, and maintain a custom database.

Can easily add binary data: It will be easier to add binary data into list rather than to database.