Monday, January 17, 2011

A sweet face that I never able to forget

It is really nice when some of the old beautiful memories come to mind. A long way back probably 13 years back, can not exactly remember the month name  but might be april or may. During my 10th exam I saw a face for around at max 10 days and till now i did not forget the face. Neither I was in love with her nor I have tried for the same. I did not know how her face come to my mind to at the time when I was in office. Might be bcoz this is not a working sat day thats why.

We were giving our 10th exam in a different centre. Our school was staying in a small school near by my exam centre. With us another school was also staying in the same school. There are 4 rooms and both school boys are staying in 2 rooms and girls are also staying in 2 consucative rooms. On the first day of my exam I saw a girl who was sitting behind me on the right handside. I was the 3rd topper of my school and the gap between the first topper and me was 200 marks difference. Ok forget the mark and all, I also feel shame for the difference of mark now. But I was capable enough to share some knowledge with others and that to in the examination centre too. I did not able to remember what was my first paper, but on the first day I saw the face of a beautiful, a gergeous girl. She was really gergeous. After the exam I did not able to see her but when I returned to my room I saw her in the same school. From the evening onwards whenever I got chance I visited near by there

room. Sometimes she was outside the room and gives me a smile. My uncle is working in my school as a peon. So I had to be a beautiful careful about that. But one thing I was looking Cute at that time so usually girls were talking with me. At the examination centre I tried to finish the paper and want to share my answers with someothers (one girl and one boy were waiting for answers). But in my mind only that beautiful girl. After 2 exam one my friend complaints to our teacher that I was not helping her rather than I was helping to other school girls. But still I did not took that serious any more. one day when I was coming out of my friends room I saw her washing her face. I came backwardly by looking at her face. Some one shout from the room "Look at the front other wise u will slept down". She smiles and also I.

On the last day they all packed up to go. All were really happy since a big exam is over. But I was standing outside the room and looking at the girl because I knew that a few moments left. And I just did not want to miss such an oppertunities to look at her. At the end she said bye bye... and gave a smile. After that she left.

When the results came my friend told me that she passed in the 10th exam. And her name is DiptiRekha. I saw many beautiful girls during these 13 years but the face, the smile I never forgets. As usual a wish to meet her once in life.