Monday, January 17, 2011

That I learn from my First Company

I am just sharing my personal experience of working in software development company.

I have started my carrier that consists of only single digit no of employees and i left the office when there are around 50 employees. And 1 interesting thing I was the last developer that my project manager did not take the interview, I was interviewed by my MD and CTO. I will never got any chance to interviewed by a MD and CTO. I got to know lots of things from there, make some very good friend, come across people whom I can never forget and come across people whom i will remember always. Got to know the difference between never forget and remember always. I got good responses,lots of warnings for my work and lots of things.

First thing that i learn "Never put your personal life and professional life at one place, then only you can enjoy both part, otherwise you will not feel the two beautiful parts. And i have done that sweet and small mistake in my life." Every one in the company knows that i always doing Orkut and Charting but at that time there was no issues because after all i was doing my work perfectly, But when i started mixing my personal life with professional life i started facing problem and you will get very few people who are with you during problems.

About Employees:

Be sure you will get different types of professionals in life around you. Some of the friends will come very close to your heart and some of them will be 100% professional, nothing matters out of the office. You will enjoy with both of them. Nothing matters to anyone, Just everyone is busy with your work. But still you will get some of them who are very much caring for you, and luckily I got some of them. And I do not know why my company kept me, there are lots of complaints(personal as well as professional) against me. Actually i was just doing that type of stupidity. And if I am there then only for 3 members and they are my MD and my Project manager. Both ma'am supported me a lot till the last. And the third one:: Only for her faith. You will never get them always around you. So always try to go in a high node and with good attitude, i could not able to do that.
I saw professionals who are very simple and gentle and  you can not even imagine that they are in such high profile, they have knowledge in every domain but they are not showing anything to anybody and whenever you will got to know about them self you will become big fan of them. I saw dedicated people who are working till very late night giving priority to work rather than other personal work. Come across all of them but as usual can not learn anything.

About Work:
I got different type of work during this period and tried to cover all, tried to learn new things always.