Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting for a perfect weekend.

I am really confused about how to spend the weekends, how can I spend so that I will not have any regreat, so that I can feel that as a perfect weekend. What should I do ?

The third sat day of each month is working, so except that i got sat day and sun day as off in every month. During my working days whenever I got something new work then I kept in mind to do that on the weekends, thats may be related to study or watching movie or even my web site work or anything else. But when  fri day evening comes from the office itself I was thinking thinking and thinking. First whether I should go a bit early since its fri day, then no I should work more since I can not work for next 2 days. Usually I came a bit late on that day specially in my current company. Once I came to my room then rather than planning to make the dinner I usually thought its a fri day night so lets go do something different rather daily work. So at that time I listen some music or some TV programmes or have a walk on the market.

Its 100% sure that I will not go to bed before 5am on fri day night, some time I even go to sleep early in the morning on sat day. The main idea in mind is that why I will sleep on the night early since I have the whole sat day left with me. And after that it is obivious to get up from bed after 1pm. And when I get up again I puzzled "Oh my god what I have done I have wasted almost the whole sat by only sleeping???" confused confused and confused. Then I am suppose to watch the movies that I have downloaded from mon day to fri day. Again the same thing my god I have wasted the week end by watching movies. Some weekends I also planned out for going to meet friends who are with in Gurgaon and when I came back on the sun day evening I was just thinking "What I have done I have wasted the whole weekend without doing anything, I could have read something". And the toughtest time is the sun day night because I can not able to understand what to do? Whether I should sleep a bit early so that I can go to office a bit early with a fresh look or Should I finish some of the pending works and sleep a bit late and since this is the start of the week so a bit late in the office is managable. If any one ask me to go to visit some places in delhi then I simply said no I can not go since I need a bit rest because of lot of workload in office. I know how difficult to travel in DTC and Blue line bus in delhi... Any ways I am still waiting for a perfect weekend and If you want to give any suggestion then always welcome...