Friday, March 11, 2011

SharePoint 2010 interview Questions

Here are some SharePoint 2010 interview questions I was asked and I asked in interviews. You can also check some interview questions and answers here Part-1 , Part-2 , Part-3 , Part-4 , Part-5.
  1. What is your role in your latest SharePoint project?
  2. What are the features available in SharePoint 2010 which are not available in MOSS 2007 ?
  3. What is a visual web part?
  4. How to deploy a visual web part in SharePoint 2010?
  5. Have you used power shell for deployment?
  6. What are the default master pages available in SharePoint 2010?
  7. What is a Page Layout and master page ?
  8. How to create and deploy a custom master page?
  9. What is a site definition and how to create and deploy a custom site definition using Visual Studio 2010?
  10. How to change the custom site defination if that is already deployed?
  11. How to use css in SharePoint 2010?
  12. How you deploy in your production server?
  13. How do you do testing in the SharePoint project?
  14. What is an Application page, how you create or deploy in SharePoint?
  15. What is the architecture of SharePoint?
  16. Have you ever install SharePoint?
  17. How many databases it will create at the time of installation?
  18. What is a SharePoint farm?
  19. What is a workflow?
  20. Have you created any workflow using SharePoint designer or visual studio?
  21. What are the steps to implement forms authentications in SharePoint?
  22. What are the security mechanism available in SharePoint?
  23. How you will decide whether you will create a site collection or a sub site?
  24. Have you ever used infopath ? If yes then for which purpose?
  25. How to deploy and Infopath form in SharePoint 2010?
  26. What is web part page life cycle?
  27. How to add a visual web part to a custom site defination?