Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is job Satisfaction?

Few days back I asked a friend What do you mean by job satisfaction? He gave me a satisfied answer: Earning more than what your friends are earning. Wah brilliant answer. Honestly I like this answer.This is a nature of a human being.
I am sure everyone will not want this. Everyone has their own expetation from their job. If I will tell you, personally I always want a brand company. For me even if the work was fine, the culture was fine in a mid size company, but still I was not comfortable, comfortable in the sense I have always that thing in my mind. I had a very stupid thinking like I am ready to work on less salary but I want to work in a brand company, so that people will recocnize me. First I was thinking to work for 2 years in my first company and then will go to the brand company, but it took me 4 years to reach the goal. And finally I got a chance to choose from Logica, Wipro, HP through KPIT Cummins.

I have met people who started from a small company and settle down in a large company with good package and with fame. Personally I even feel now, it is good to start from a small company because you will get more exposer towards a lot of thing, and luckily If you got a good project then you can learn a lot of thing. But all it depends your own interest of learing new things. There will be lot of pressure definitely and you will feel the advantages after sometime only.

When I joined here I saw people around me from last 6/7/8/9/10 years. I just can not imagine. I really feel strange. But as the time progresses, as I am able to know the environment I did not get suprise. Because getting these type of environments is really very hard. Sometime I even want to stay at the client side for very very long time. Because after a certain age you will not running for money, you will want some peace and a good environment to work on.

But I have seen professionals who started their carrier from a brand company and settle down in a midsize company at a position of a Lead or a manager. This is also not a bad idea. Because they are more flexible in that. Flexible in terms of Leaves, WFH etc etc.

But who have started there from a very very big organization like Microsoft or Google, mostly they always have a plan to become an enterprenure. If I will give you an example, the director of Tekritisoftware Pvt Ltd, Mr Ashish Kumar. He is now manageing a company with a headcount more than 150.

But for unmarried girls, the concept is a bit different. They are more serious for searching a husband who is in onsite like in USA or UK rather than thinking to settle down somewhere... Its a part of kidding. Girls are also very much serious about job !!!

What I personally feel is You should work there where you really enjoying your job, your work. Else it is not goog both for the Employee and the Employer.