Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is a SharePoint farm and service applications in SharePoint 2010?

What is a SharePoint farm?
A SharePoint farm is a set of one or more server computers working together to provide
SharePoint Foundation functionality to clients.
You can set up a SharePoint 2010 farm by installing and configuring everything you need on a single server computer.
A SharePoint farm in a typical production environment runs SQL Server on a separate,
dedicated database server and can have multiple front-end Web servers

What is a Web Application?
A Web application is a collection of one or more IIS websites configured to map incoming HTTP requests to a set of SharePoint sites.
what is service applications?
In SharePoint 2010, service applications are used to facilitate sharing resources across sites running in different Web applications and different farms.Service applications replaces the SSP architecture from SharePoint Server 2007.Once you install and create a service application, you can configure it for several different deployment scenarios. In simple farms, an instance of the service application can run on each front-end Web server.

Four built-in service applications ship with SharePoint Foundation:
When a new farm is created, SharePoint Foundation automatically creates and configures two important service applications: Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service Application and Security Token Service Application. The other two service applications built into SharePoint Foundation are Business Data Connectivity Service and Usage and Health data collection, which you can create manually or by running the Farm Configuration Wizard available in the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site.