Thursday, April 7, 2011

Asp.Net Interview Questions

1. What is .Net architecture?
2. What are validation controls?
3. What is grid view control?
4. What is a state management technique?
5. What is client side state management and what is server side state management technique?
6. What is cookie, session, application state management technique?
7. What is view state, Query string and hidden fields?
8. What is Ado.Net? Difference between connected architecture and disconnected architecture?
9. What is difference between Data Reader and Dataset?
10. What is caching? Different type of caching in
11. What are authentications modes available in Asp.Net?
12. How to implement forms authentication?
13. What is the use of Web.config file? Can we have more than web.config file in a web application?
14. What is the use of global.asax file?
15. What is web service? How to create a web service and how to consume a web service?
16. What is the use of user control and how to use in application?
17. What is the use of master page? Can we have more than one master page in a web application?
18. How to implement passport authentication in

19. What is view state?
20. What are different type of session state modes are available ?
21. What is cookieless session?
22. What is the use of localization and globalization?
23. What is IsPostback?
24. What is the advantages and disadvantages of hidden fields, cookies, Query string, session?
25. What is page life cycle?
26. What is machine.config file?
27. Difference between session and application?
28. What is the use of Autoeventwireup attribute?
29. What is the use of Dataview in
30. How to do logging and exception handling?
31. What is executenonqquery, execute query execute scalar & execute dataset?
32. What is authentication and authorization?
33. Difference between custom control and user control?
34. Which is better to use Datalist or Repeater?
35. What is AutoPostBack?
36. What is Response. Redirect and Server. Transfer?
37. How to update data in a DataSet?