Tuesday, April 5, 2011

11:06 AM

In this post we will discuss how to get the 4-part assembly name by using Visual Studio external tool?

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If you are working in SharePoint, then you will always need the 4-part assembly name in solution or feature manifests.

By using power shell you can get this from the Tools menu in Visual Studio. Just to let you know that I am using Visual Studio 2010.

For this to work we need to add a new External Tool.
Go to Tools menu in Visual Studio then Select External Tools, Then you will see a screen like the below one.

Click on Add and fill the details as follows:
Name: Give a Name, I have given here &Get 4-Pat Assembly Name
Command: powershell.exe
Argument:-command "[System.Reflection.AssemblyName]::GetAssemblyName(\"$(TargetPath)\").FullName"
After filling all these details the window should look like the below one.

Then check Use Output Widow. You will be able to see the 4-part Assembly name in the Output window.

Now you will be able to see in the sub menu in the Tools menu as shown below.

Hope this will work :)


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