Friday, April 8, 2011

Server Rejected Error while uploading images to Picasa or to BlogSpot in Google

Recently I was trying to upload one pics to my Picasa album. But while uploading I got error as "Server rejected". I Google for some time, some solutions I got from Google is that probably there is no space but I have huge amount of space are there. Even I tried to upload the same pics in my BlogSpot as well, but nothing goes right for me and I got the same error. Also I got solution like there should not exceed the limit of 1000 which was not my case as well. Then I try uploading the image in Flick too. But surprisingly I got error while uploading there as well. Then I thought there must be problem in the image.

What exactly I was doing is I was renaming the image to jpg from .ico image. What I did after that: I use one online tool to convert the ico image to png. And after that I upload the png image and this works for me. Then I thought Google is Google, smart enough to know which a corrupt image is.
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  1. I am having trouble up loading images to Picasa Web Album and tried your solution by converting my .jpg to .png but still have the same problem.

  2. Hi Lagniappe,
    This is not about converting the source image to .png, my point was this should not be a corrupted image. To know better you can download a valid image from piccasa itself and then try once more with that image. Hope things will be very clearer. Look at the favicon, I have done what I have written in the blog. All the best.

  3. Hi, I find myself here with an additional problem.
    I can't follow the link to your read more.
    For me , it just reloads this page.
    If you have more to read, I would very much like to, and perhaps solve this Picasa Web Album problem. Regards Stuart

  4. The read more link will not work further here is this page, that will eork on the home page only. Try to check the image, It must not be a corrupted image. u can download a good sample image and try with that image if that is working. All the best !!!