Friday, April 8, 2011

Server Rejected Error while uploading images to Picasa or to BlogSpot in Google

Recently I was trying to upload one pics to my Picasa album. But while uploading I got error as "Server rejected". I Google for some time, some solutions I got from Google is that probably there is no space but I have huge amount of space are there. Even I tried to upload the same pics in my BlogSpot as well, but nothing goes right for me and I got the same error. Also I got solution like there should not exceed the limit of 1000 which was not my case as well. Then I try uploading the image in Flick too. But surprisingly I got error while uploading there as well. Then I thought there must be problem in the image.

What exactly I was doing is I was renaming the image to jpg from .ico image. What I did after that: I use one online tool to convert the ico image to png. And after that I upload the png image and this works for me. Then I thought Google is Google, smart enough to know which a corrupt image is.
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