Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thanks to Abinash and GS TRADEX Team

So finally I got one Header Image for my web site from Abinash and GS Tradex team. Thanks a lot to the whole team. Just to let you know my readers, Abinash and I both studied MCA from CITE and luckily Abinash got lots of oppertunities there in Bhubaneswar and now he is in a very good position at GS Tradex.
As promised through my announcement I will send you a good gift from my side within a week. I also requested to all the superb designers to send me some more logo and also need some feedback for this logo.
Thanks a lot !!!


  1. Nice work Abinash! :)
    Bijaya also think for some new look & feel for Navigation links.

  2. Sure Shipraji!!! But what about your update??? I am still waiting !!!