Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is Content Organizer in SharePoint 2010?

This helps in managing large libraries. If a user is not sure into which document library or folder they should put a document in that case Content Organizer will be helpful. Content Organizer will look at the new content and checking the document’s metadata against some predefined and prioritized rules, and, if a matching rule is found, saving the content to the document library and folder specified in the rule. It can even manage large libraries by automatically creating new folders if the content in the target folder grows beyond a specified threshold.

To activate the Content Organizer go to Site Actions -> Site Settings In the settings page go to Site Actions and click on Manage Site Features -> then activate the Content Organizer feature. See figure

Once the site-scoped Content Organizer feature is activated, two new links are added to the Site Administration section in the Site Settings page as shown in the figure below.

One provides the settings for customizations, such as whether a Drop Off Library is required, a folder size should be managed automatically, or content can be routed to a subsite.

The other link provides access to the rules used by the Content Organizer. All rules are stored in the RoutingRules list and are based on the Rule content type, which is new in SPS2010. When a user creates or uploads a new document to the site, the Submit Document dialog displays a message that the content will be moved according to the defined rules.
You can visit both the links and do the modifications as required.

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