Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to change number of posts displayed on blogger home page?

There are different ways you can increase or decrease the number of posts in your blogger or blogspot home page. Like you can login to blogger go to your dashboard. Then go to settings -> Then formatting and there you can change Show at most -- number of posts on main page as shown in the below figure and then click on Save settings. Then you are done.

But sometimes this will also not work. In that case I have made some changes as described below which works fine for my blog.

Login with blogger then go to Design tab then  Go to the Blog Posts Gadget and Click on edit. After click a dialog will open as shown as below.

Go to the Main Page Options section and ther you can modify the No of posts on the main page option and change accordingly then click on save and also save the design tab. Now you are done. Hope this will work !!!