Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Tutorials

Here I want to share something which I feel is necessary to learn SharePoint. You cannot say it’s fully a tutorial to learn SharePoint but still I want to Share something which might be useful to learn SharePoint.

Just a Definition but SharePoint is lot more than this:
It is not SharePoint, its SharePoint Products and Technologies.
SharePoint 2010 is a technology that enables organizations and business units of all sizes to improve team productivity and to increase the efficiency of business processes.
SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication, and documents.
A SharePoint site can have many subsites, the hierarchy of which, on web servers, resembles the hierarchy of folders on file systems—it is a tree-like structure.
You can share files and information and communicate with your coworkers more effectively.
Site content can be searched easily, and users can receive alerts to tell them when existing documents and information have been changed or when new ones have been added.

Some Core Functionalities:
Document Management
Web Content Management
Business Process
Business Intelligence
Electronics Forms
Social Networking
Free software comes with Windows Server 2003 ->WSS 2.0 -> WSS 3.0 -> SharePoint Foundation 2010 (Free with limited functionalities)
MOSS 2007 -> SharePoint 2010 (Latest Version of SharePoint). SharePoint 2010 has different versions like: SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Edition, SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition etc.

SharePoint designer is a powerful tool for customizing sites based on Microsoft SharePoint. Works like
Creating and editing master pages and page layouts
Creating and editing cascading style sheets (CSS)
Designing and editing workflows
Creating and modifying lists, libraries, and views of data
 SharePoint designer first comes with MOSS 2007 and then comes in SharePoint 2010 as SharePoint Designer 2010 with lots of new features.
SharePoint Designer is a free tool provided by Microsoft.
Concepts should cover:
Lists, Libraries, Content Types, WebParts, Site Pages, Application Pages, Survey and Discussion boards, Workflows, InfoPath, Blogs, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services, Client side programming with JavaScript, Silverlight.
Some new concepts in SharePoint 2010:
Updated SharePoint Object Model.
Sandboxed Solution.

New features in Workflows.
Deployment Mechanism.
Client Object Model, JavaScript Client Object Model & Silverlight Client Object Model.
WCF Data Service.
Site Workflows and Reusable Workflows.
Modified Search.

Video Tutorial:
This is a very good option to learn SharePoint. You will get the entire concept within videos, So you can browse some videos in Channel9 (website provided by Microsoft). I will recommend this very much.

Some Books:
About book I will say you to cover Inside SharePoint 2010 book which is a bit high level. Also you can check Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation 2010 Step by Step.
Development Book: Professional SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio (Addison-2010-Ed1)
SharePoint Designer Book: Beginning SharePoint Designer 2010

Last but not least is a very good web site for SharePoint 2010.