Monday, June 20, 2011

Steps in workflow in SharePoint designer

In this post we will discuss about Steps in Workflow in SharePoint designer.

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Steps are the foundation of any workflow and allow you to organize it into logical sections. The first step is responsible for preparing variables, which are used to store data temporarily while the workflow is running or collecting data from a user. Next step is used to work with data and process commands like performing calculations and waiting for user action to make changes to user data. Last step will be used to record the result of the workflow and send notifications to the user or the administrator, like sending email or logging an error messages.

You can create large workflow only in one step or you can break into multiple steps.

You can give name to workflow by right click on existing titles.

Also you can move around within the workflow or you can delete an existing workflow.To delete a step click on the step’s header to select it and click the Delete key on the Ribbon or the Delete key on your keyboard.

You can have nested steps.