Friday, June 10, 2011

Steps to Create a list in SharePoint 2010

In this post we will discuss how to create a list in SharePoint 2010.

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You can create a list in SharePoint 2010 in the browser by following the below steps.

Open the site first then go to Site Actions -> Click More Options -> then click on Create Page.
From the Create page select the List from the filter and Then Click on the Tasks. Click More Options there, Then Create dialog will open to create the Task List.

In the dialog enter the Name, it is better not to give any space in the Name textbox, so that URL of the list will come without space. Then later you can change the list name by visiting the list settings page.

In the description textbox you can give a description of the purpose of the list. Then you can select the checkbox to show the list in the Quick Lunch. Then click on Create to complete the List creation process.

To change the name of the list Click on the particular list from the Quick Launch. Then from the Ribbon click on the List Settings. From the List settings go to General Settings section and Click on Title, Description and Navigation. In the Dialog you can Change the Name and Description and Navigation. Then click Save.