Thursday, July 28, 2011

Create a view with custom filter and sort using browser in SharePoint 2010

You can create a custom view with custom filter and Sort using browser in SharePoint 2010. Go to the SharePoint site then click on the particular list on which you want to make the view. From the ListTools secticon click on List nd then choose Create view from the ribbon.
From that page go below the Start from an existing view section and click on All Items link as shown below.
After that it will show you the create view page. Give a name for the view. Also from the columns section you can choose the list of columns you want to show in the view.

 Then it comes the Sort section where you can select the column name on which you want to sort the view. There you can select the second sort column as well.

 In the filter section you can select the condition if you want or else if you want to see all the columns then click on the show more columns ... link and choose your filter condition. Then click on Ok.