Saturday, July 23, 2011

Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 there are two templates for web content management: Publishing portal site collection and Enterprise wiki site collection template. If you are creating a site collection by using any one of the site collection template, the publishing feature will enable automatically. You can also use publishing features in non-publishing sites, such as the Team Site and Blog Site templates. To use publishing features within a non-publishing site requires two features to be activated. First, activate the Publishing Infrastructure at the site collection level. Then activate the Publishing Features within each lower-level site  in which you intend to use them.When you activate the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure feature, you can work with page known as the publishing page, which is also referred to as a content page. The operational difference

between publishing pages and non-publishing content pages is that publishing pages are composed of three parts, rather than two: the content itself, a master page, and a third element called a page layout. A publishing master page serves the same basic function as a non-publishing master page. It supplies the outer portion of the page with the global layout of the site, controlling objects like the logo, navigation, and general structures such as the header and footer, search box, sign-in link, and the Site Actions menu.
Publishing page are derived from Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing class.
The default publishing master page in SharePoint 2010 is called nightandday.master.