Monday, August 22, 2011

Asp .net Development Company

One stop shop to all your application needs, asp .NET development companies! Read more to know more!
Asp .Net is a framework that works on applications. This is marketed and developed by Microsoft Company. The .Net is a development company that helps in designing dynamic websites with distinctive web applications in it. With its inception in January 2002, .Net was known with its first version 1.0 and ever since it has reached asp .NET 4. With best of the varied and distinctive features, .NET is the best framework to work in. Microsoft was first known for its Active Server Pages but soon this version was succeeded by asp .NET framework. Asp.NET is a Common Language Runtime which supports the asp.Net code with the help of .NET language.
Key Features:

·        ASP, Active Server Pages, is a Microsoft technology
·        Asp .NET is a programming language that runs in Windows server in IIS (Internet Information Services).
Asp .net Development Company is a company that works to provide .NET services to increase the website popularity and revamp the same. The Asp .NET keeps a check on the day to day up to date applications coming up in the market and gets it target customers the same with little variations. The functionality remains the same though the overall viewpoint changes. The popularity of an application is judged on the basis of the popularity of the applications it carries and to design the same, .NET is an utmost important. The dedicated developers and designers work on the personalized projects they get and work to revamp the whole look and feel of the website.  These developers help in cost cutting for when an organization gets their work done through them, the cost of establishment is transferred n the outsourcing company. Getting the work outsourced also gets the required professional look and feel to the website when work that calls for efforts are dedicated to the professionals. Reduced costs and high returns are the motto of every organization and outsourced asp.NET services gets back in return.

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