Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Change authentication in Sharepoint 2010 site

My special thanks to Ramya.jay from chennai for this post !!!
Suppose your site admin password was hacked by any unknown person and changed the authentication of the site, then the following steps will be used to recover the full authentication.
      The following is the error page that I got when I tried to enter into my site. And here I used Form Based Authentication .


     Create the new user:
v  Open your membership project in Visual Studio
v  Goto website -> Configuration
v  It Open the website Administrative tool in your browser
v  Then using Security tab navigate to Create User
v  And create the new username with password

     To Set the new user as the primary administrator of the site:
v  Open your Central Administration
v  Goto Application Management -> Site Collection -> Change site collection Administrator
Select your site by clicking Site Collection -> Web Application.
Then you get the following page which contains primary and secondary administrator options.  
v  Using People Picker you can choose the new user that we created before.

v  Now we fixed the primary administrator for our site
v  Click ok
    Check your site with new admin username and password.
  If   Still you cannont enter into the site, you have to do one more step,
v  Open Central Administration ->Application Management -> Web Application -> Manage Web Application
v  Select your web application and click User policy.

Click Add Users in Policy for web application and select the Default option in Zones and click next.

v  Using People picker select the new admin and check the full control user permission
Click finish.

v  Now added the new user into the user policy and click ok to complete.

   Check with your new admin username and password  into the site.  And this user having full control into the site.

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