Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to change date format in SharePoint 2010?

In this post we will discuss about how to change date format in SharePoint 2010?

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There are various ways to change date format in a SharePoint site. For this you can change from the Regional settings. For this to work Open the Site Collection, then Go to Site Actions in the left side. Click on Site Settings. Then under Site Administration click on Regional settings and change the date format accordingly.

To change the date format is a site column:
Procedure to change the date format in a site column is First we need to create a date column and then we will create another column which is of type Calculated and this column will populate on a formula based on the column we have made.

First create a site column by going to Site Settings -> Galleries -> Site Column -> Then click on create. It will open the New Site Column page. Give a name of the column choose type od Date and Time and choose Date and Time format as Date only and click on OK. Here our column name is ParentDate.

Then again click on Create in the Site Column page give the name (I am giving here name as ChildDate). Choose type as Calculated from the radio button list. Then in the Additional column list section in the Formula field type=TEXT([ParentDate],"dd-mmmm-yyyy") and choose the Data type return from this formula as Single line of text. Then click on OK and try using this column in your custom list, the date format will come as dd-mmmm-yyyy.