Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to create a web application in MOSS 2007?

In this article we will discuss the steps required to create a web application in MOSS 2007. Also in my last article I have explained the detail steps to create site collection in SharePoint 2010.

Go to start->AllPrograms->Microsoft Office Server->open Microsoft 3.0  Central Administration , then central Administration window will open.
Goto Aplication Management -> Create or extend Web application ->
Create New Web Application -> one window will open ,change description,Application Pool name to a new name that you want to give as the name of your new application,you can also change the port here,For changing the port no need to change the port no each and every place. Just change it at Port option
containning the textbox(i.e the 3rd option from the top of the window), it will change automatically the port no at every place.
Then give the username and password (Belongs to the option Configurable).-> then click ok.
 Below is the screen shot......