Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lets support Anna Hazare

Note: Anna already in 10 days fast. So support Anna and Punish all corrupted politicians !!! Be with the 74 year old man who is trying to remove corruption !!! Born on 15 June 1937 Bhaaingar near to city Hinganghat in Bombay in a very middle class family. At the age of 25 Anna joined Indian Army to server the country. He was the only person survied in  Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, where all of Hazare's comrades were killed. God did not want to take him, so he saved his life provided one bullet had passed by his head. He read a book named "Call to the youth for nation building" by Swami Vivekananda in Delhi railway station and his life changed a lot, start serving to poor people. For his dedication towards serving people in India, He got Padma Shri award in 1990 and Padma Bhushan award in 1992. But today he is in Tihar Jail where India's most wanted people like Kalmadi(CWG scam) and Raza(2G scam) are there.
 Just because he tried to pass the anti-corruption Lokpal bill for Indians, he will suffer this much of problem ??? Can we say ourself as Indian where a 74 years old aged man fighting for us??? Thanks to each and every Indian who are present there in front of the Tihar jail to support Anna. Hazare began his fast unto death on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to pass the lokpal bill. He said "I will fast until Jan Lokpal Bill is passed". People like Medha Patkar, Arvind Kejriwal, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, and Jayaprakash Narayan supported Anna. People support Anna through Twitter and Facebook. Spiritual leaders Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Ramdev, Swami Agnivesh and former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev and film starts like Aamir Khan support Anna. Again he declared "I am starting my fast tomorrow. It is just the start of a struggle for change. We have to fight a long battle. It's going to be a fight to bring about change in India". But the Delhi police tried a lot to save the corrupted politicians by not allowing Anna to do fast. But Anna did not fear of arrest. He said "We will go to Jai Prakash Narain Park on Tuesday for the fast, if they arrest us, let them. We will start a jail bharo andolan (movement to fill jails) but will remain non- violent. We will go back to fasting when they will release us from jail". He told "If the right Lokpal Bill comes, at least 60 to 65 percent corruption in the country
will be removed. If I am proved wrong, then I will work as a domestic help in Kapil Sibal's house."

The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only theough social commitment & involvement of the common man." - Anna Hazare

The point is if our politicians are right then why they fear to pass the bill, even the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh???? Most of us (my age people) have not seen Gandhiji but here is a chance to support a person whom our next generation will remember as the 2nd Gandhiji "Anna Hazare". Lets support that unmarried person who sacrifice his life for out country.

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  1. All politicians are corrupt. That's why no one from opposition party is ready to support him. They are just showing support but not doing from heart.

    In Singapore,A Similar bill like Lok Pal like Bill was passed in 1984, in a single day 145 Ministers and Officers were arrested. Today people pay no taxes to Govt, 1% poor people, 92% literacy, better medical care, 91% white money and 1% unemployment exists..

    I'm strongly in support of strong Jan Lokpal bill & with Anna Hazare ji. Till now I have attended 3 rally in support of Anan Hazare.