Friday, August 5, 2011

Life after one month of marriage

After a long time I am writting a personal blog and this is my first personal blog after my marriage. Time never waits for anything, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and I have completed 1 month of my marriage. Sometimes it feels a lot of change happens during this time. One of my friend told me "You will feel good for the first 6 months and after that you will feel the heat.", Another one in my office colleague congrats me by saying "Welcome to the hell !!!". So sometimes I afraid of thinking these things. Except that one of my aunt told me " Since you got married now, think before saying anything to your parents, brother etc. Do not tell something like you told before marriage". Though I was thinking very funny at that time but as the time progress, somehow I feel that is the way it should be.

But marriage also has its own charm... After the office you do not have to worry to make food for your dinner, you do not have to worry to press your shirts like this... But the responsibility increases a lot. You have very less time for you, because you have to give time to others. While chatting in gtalk with girls I have to think now which was not used to happen before marriage. I become more sincere towards my work keep in mind that I should not be jobless anytime. :) It took 1 week to bring my lunch box to office after marriage, it feels awkward to bring after marriage. Because people will recognize you from that.

Still Itstoo early to judge this thing. But overall so far good !!!