Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marriage Party @Bangalore

I organized a marriage party at Bangalore on 12th Aug 2011 since none of my friends able to attained my marriage. Here I am sharing some of my pics.
Asima with Raju's friends & my mother

Kadir,Me,Aloy,Suresh & Biswanath
Me & Raju

Amit, Amit's wife,Deepak's Wife, My wife, Me & Deepak

Amit's wife,Deepak's wife,Jolly,My wife,Priti,Iti & My mother

Goldi,Manash,Barada,Me, My wife,My Mother, Prabhu & Babuna

Raju, My Mother, Me, Madhu, Mu wife Asima & My Papa

Raju's Friends, my parents with Asima

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