Monday, August 22, 2011

Reassigning Option in Sharepoint Issue Tracking list

Issue Tracking is a general task in an organization for testing, product development, Code promotion etc.  Sharepoint 2010 Issue Tracking template is useful for this purpose. But for few issues we need to setup reassigning option for those issues.
      This article outlines the steps to setup reassigning option in Issue Tracking.
    Create Sharepoint 2010 issue tracking list by the following steps:
v  Goto ‘Site Action’ menu
v  Select more option and choose ‘Issue Tracking’ under the category of ‘Tracking’
v  Enter the Name and Description for this list
v  Click ‘Create’ button to complete.

         We need to hide some fields because by default we are going the assign the person based on the
category chosen by the user.  
v  Goto ‘List Settings’ and ‘Content Type’.
v  Click the ‘Assigned To’ and Choose hidden option
v  Click ‘Due Date’ and choose hidden option
    Give the Category options with the following steps:
v  Goto ‘List Settings’
v  Under the Column, Choose ‘Category’ and give the options like New Assignment, Payroll Issue, Tax Issue, etc
v  And Choose ‘Issue Status’ and give the options like Open, WIP, Closed, etc.
    Create new column named ‘Reassignee’ and ‘SLADate’ option
v  Goto ‘List Settings’
v  Click ‘Create column’. Give the name of the column as Reassignee and choose the type of people and groups
v  And click ‘ok’ to complete.
v  Again Click ‘Create Column’ and enter the name as ‘SLADate’ and choose the type of calculated
v  Then give the formula as
v  And Choose ‘Date and Time’ under ‘ The data type returned from this formula is’ 
v  Click ‘ok’ to complete
v  Hide the ‘Reassignee’ and ‘SLADate’ Column by follow the Step:2
        Now Open the sharepoint designer by Site Action->Edit in Sharepoint Designer
v  Select Workflow and choose the Issue Tracking list from the list option
v  Enter a name (Reassigning Sample) for the workflow and click ok
Based on the category and the status we can set the assignee and reassignee for the issue
v  Select the condition “If Current field equals value” and select one option

v  Again Select the condition and set the value as ‘Open’
v  Now  SLADate is compared with today date. And if it is less than today set Reassignee  as head of the department named ‘db account manager’.
v  Else if SLADate is greater than or equal to today set Assigned to as assistance of that department as ‘db account’
v  By the same way we can assign for other two departments as follows
     Now assign the different permission for the issue Tracking list as,
v  ‘Contribute’ permission for the user who create the new issue
v  ‘Design’ Permission to department assistance
v  ‘Full Control’ permission to head of the department.
     Each issue have to hit the concern department by the following steps
v  Goto ‘modify view’ of the list
v  Under the filter option choose ‘Show items only when the following is true’ and set the permission as follows:
     That’s it. Whenever the user create a new issue, it will hit on the concern department employee based on the category. Initially we give the time of two days to solve the issue for the assistance. They have to solve it within the date. Or else  based on the SLADate it will reassign to that head of the department.