Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 Missing Setup and Deployment Templates

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Today when I tried to add a setup project from Other Project Types templates, It shows me No items found. Then I click on teh Set up and Deployment link, it also shows me no items found. But in the Extensibility section I got 2 templates like Visual studio Add-in and Shared Add-in template.You can see the figure below.

Its really a bug from Microsoft. Even if I googled a lot and I reset the Visual Studio 2010 settings, still I did not get anything.

After that I click on the small Icon present in the left side of Setup and Deployment it shows me 2 links like InstallShield LE and Visual Studio Installer. But this time also it is showing me No items found. Till now I thought there might be in my Visual studio. But when I individually click on the InstallSheild LE link I got the template InstallShield Limited Edition Support.

And When I click on Visual Studio Installer, It shows my required templates like Setup Project, Web set up project, Merge module project, setup wizard, CAB project as shown in below fig: