Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Defect Report Template:-(IEEE 829)

While test execution if any test case fails,then we are reporting those bugs in below format through defect tracking team in manual testing.
(1)Defect Id:-Unique number or Name.
(2)Defect description:-Summary of detected defect.
(3)Build Version Id:-Version number of current build.(Tester find that defect in that build version)
(4)feature/Module:-Name of the module(Tester detected this defect in that module)
(5)testcase Id:-Id of failed testcase.(Tester detected this defect while executing that testcase)
Yes:-If defect appears every time in test repetition.
No :-If defect appears rarely in test execution.
(7)If Yes,attach corresponding failed test case.
(8)If No attach corresponding failed testcase and screen shots.
(9)Severity:-The seriousness of defect with respect to functionality
High(Show Stopper):-Without fixing this defect tester not able to continue testing.
Medium:-Able to continue but mandatory to fix.
Low:-Able to continue testing but may or may not to fix.
(10)Priority:-The importance of defect fixing with respect to customer intrest.(High,Medium,Low)
(11)Test Environment:-Used h/w and s/w while detecting this defect.
New:-Reporting first time.
(13)Reporting By:-Name of the Test engineer/Test executor.
(14)Reporting On:-Date and Time.
(15)Send To:-Mail id of Defect Tracking Team(DTT)
(16)Reviewed By:-Test Lead
(17)Suggested Fix(Optional):-Tester suggestion to fix this defect.