Friday, September 9, 2011

Diverse world of .Net

Diverse world of .Net
Developed by Microsoft Windows .Net is a software framework which runs on Microsoft Windows. Its library is as vast as ocean where each language can use code written in other language.  Its library supply database connectivity, cryptography, data access, web application development, user interface network communication and numeric algorithm. .Net framework support several languages which are executed in the software platform which is known as Common Language Run time. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment which is used widely for .Net software framework. This vast and diverse family of .Net framework has two versions. One version is for Smartphone and other version is used for embedded system.
Extra ordinary features of .Net software frame work have enabled computer system to communicate with new and older application. As said above that .net has a vast library
and each language can  use code written in other language so it introduces common type system which define how these languages interact or may not interact with each other. This facilitates the interaction of libraries and application written which thus support the object instances and type. It has some design feature and tools which help system to stop any software to create a problem in the installation and running of other software. This facilitates us to avoid the security problem which may arouse on the installation of any other software. It even provides security against vulnerabilities created by malicious software and activities like buffer overflow.
What are you thinking guys? .Net is a total net in a true sense as it connects you to every language through its built-in facilities! It is built with excellent memory management. User need not to do anything when it comes to memory management, this framework software itself clear all the garbage. It considers something as garbage when it cannot be reached or used or if there is no reference to it.
.Net development outsourcing makes it possible to design technology compatible advanced software which can work on any platform and hence it is oriented to develop platform independent and user friendly software.