Saturday, September 17, 2011

I too had a love story !!!

Simply Superb !!!
I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh !!! What a book !!! I just remember one thing that is written on the top of the book and that is "Simple, honest and touching": N.R. Narayana Murthy. Really it is Simple honest and touching. The way he explained his feelings and Khushi's feelings is simply superb.
Thanks to flipkart who delivered me the book in one day. I read the first chapter in the bus itself. Its seems interesting and I kept on reading. First I thought it must be a story of the boy who was visiting a place in every sunday but as the title shows its must be a bit different, I keep on reading and just got creazy to know about the story. On Thurs day I was very ill and could not able to sit in desk and I came back. But while in the bus I started reading that book again. Then I reached in my room, took medicine and again started reading the book, Every one in my family
shouted to me Take rest !!! but I kept on reading. The way he explained the feelings of Khushi forced me reading the book even if I was not well enough to sit. Finally on sat day morning without even wake up from bed I started reading the book and as I started the first page I read the accident story. I thought Khushi did not deserver this type of ending to her life. God should have been very kind and should let Khushi enjoy at least her engagement. Sometimes I also angry on God for this type of stupid things.
Finally I was very Happy because an Odisha boy have written this and that is the beauty of Odisha, lot of feelings, lot of respect for this type of feelings.
Really love all the characters, but all of then Khushi is superb. I search in net a lot for her pics but did not get one. But joined her fan page.