Sunday, September 11, 2011

SharePoint Interview Questions

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  1. What is SharePoint?
  2. What is SharePoint architure?
  3. What is a Portal Technology?
  4. What's new in SharePoint 2010?
  5. How is SharePoint foundation 2010 differs from SharePoint Server 2010?
  6. What is Site provisioning?
  7. What is a SharePoint farm?
  8. What is Site and Site Collection?
  9. How to create a site using stsadm.exe?
  10. What is Customization and Personalization?
  11. What is SharePoint Feature and how to create and deploy a feature?
  12. What is Visual web part? And how to create and deploy a visual webpart using visual studio 2010?
  13. What is the work of SPVirtualPathProvider?
  14. What is ghosting and unghosting pages?
  15. What is difference between Site Pages versus Application Pages?
  16. How to create Custom Application Pages?
  17. How to use SPGridView in application pages?
  18. How to add a menu item to custom action menu?
  19. SharePoint object model: SPFile,SPFolder
  20. What is ghosted and unghosted pages?
  21. How to use usercontrols in SharePoint?
  22. How to design a SharePoint web part page?
  23. What is master page? What are the default master pages available in SharePoint 2010?
  24. How to create Master page using SharePoint designer and Visual studio 2010?
  25. What are SharePoint delegate controls?
  26. How to use css files in SharePoint 2010?
  27. How to use content editor web part?
  28. How to use Data view webpart?
  29. How to use list view web part?
  30. How to use Page viewer web part to display a web page?
  31. What is a web part page life cycle?
  32. What is the difference between web part inherited from  System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart class and Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart  class?
  33. How to deploy web part into SharePoint ?
  34. What is Web Part Verbs?
  35. What is a class resource file?
  36. How to retrieve list items using object model?
  37. What is CAML? And how to use CAML?
  38. How to define Custom list elements with CAML?
  39. What is difference between SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery ?
  40. What is a Site column?
  41. How to create a site column using browser and CAML?
  42. What is a look up column?
  43. What is a Field type and How to create a custom field type using CAML?
  44. What is a content type?
  45. How to create a content type using Visual Studio 2010?
  46. What are event receivers, What are different types of event receivers in SharePoint 2010?
  47. How to create an event receiver and how to attach the event receiver to list in SharePoint 2010?
  48. What is the difference between a document library and a list?
  49. What is the difference between a form library and a document library?
  50. How to check the version number of documents inside a document library using SharePoint object model?
  51. How to programmatically add a document to a document library?
  52. What is configuration database?
  53. What is a content database?
  54. What is the improvements in SharePoint 2010 central administration?
  55. What is service application and how it is different from Shared Service providers?
  56. What is user profile service ?
  57. What is my site?
  58. How is power shell different from stsadm?
  59. What are the enhancements in Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint 2010?
  60. How to create feature in Visual studion 2010?
  61. What is the use of feature.xml file and elements.xml file?
  62. How to deploy a visual web part in SharePoint 2010?
  63. What are mapped folders in SharePoint 2010?
  64. What is a Sandboxed solution?
  65. What is a site template ?
  66. What is the difference between site template and site defination?
  67. What is a site pages and an application pages?
  68. What is a ghosted page and unghosted pages?
  69. How to create a page from a master page in SharePoint designer?
  70. How to deploy a custom master page in SharePoint?
  71. How to create user control? And how to add user controls to pages? 
  72. What is a web part manager?
  73. How to make a custom editor parts in SharePoint 2010?
  74. What is a web part verbs?
  75. How to work with connected web part?
  76. What are event receiver?
  77. How to attach event receivers to a list in SharePoint 2010?
  78. What is ONET.xml file?
  79. What is feature stapling?
  80. How to query a list using CAML?
  81. How to Query multiple lists?
  82. How to use linq in SharePoint 2010?
  83. Clinet object model
  84. How to work with Silver light client object model?
  85. How to work with Java Script client object model?
  86. How to work with WCF data services?
  87. What is a workflow?
  88. What are new out of box workflows in SharePoint 2010?
  89. What is a document sets?
  90. What is a Site workflow and what is a reusable workflow?
  91. What is a sequential workflow?
  92. What is a state machine workflow?
  93. How to deploy a workflow in SharePoint 2010?
  94. Advantages of Power shell over stsadm?
  95. How to take back up in SharePoint 2010?
  96. How FAST search works in SharePoint 2010?
  97. How Authentication & Authorization works in SharePoint 2010?
  98. What is claim baised authentication?
  99. What is SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges?
  100. What is SHAREPOINT\SYSTEM account does?
  101. What are different SharePoint site roles available in SharePoint 2010?
  102. SPUtility class?
  103. What is enterprise content management?
  104. What is web content management?
  105. How to do EMail settings in SharePoint 2010?