Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is Bug Life cycle ?

While test execution if any defect came, tester is reporting that defect as “New” and sending to the defect tracking team by making its status as ”Assigned” for analysis. Tracking team analyzing the defect and if that defect is a bug then they are assigning to the concerned developer.Developer is
changing the defect status to ”Open” before fixing and then changing it to “Fixed” after fixing and then sending the build to the tester.After doing Re and regression testing, tester is changing the bug status to “Closed”when the bug is correctly fixed.
While Re and regression testing if the defect reappear again then tester is making the status as “Reopen” and then assigning to the tracking team.
But sometimes tracking team is changing defect status to “Rejected” when management need for more information regarding that defect.
When one defect has low severity and low priority, tester is making its status as “Deferred”.
Sub Cycles:
New -> Assigned-> Open-> Fixed-> Closed.
New-> Rejected-> Closed.
New-> Rejected-> Reopen->......->Closed.
New-> Deferred.
New-> Assigned-> Open-> Fixed-> Reopen>Closed.