Thursday, December 29, 2011

Google Adsense alternatives

First of all I will recommend you to go for Google Adsense if you have a active Adsense account. If you are banned from Google adsense then you can try out from the following google adsense alternatives. You can also check some blogger articles here.
Here are some best google adsense alternatives.
AdBrite is one of the best adsense alternatives.
They have different ad formats like Full Page Ad, CPM Banners, CPC Banners, CPC Text - Banners (Content Ads), CPC Text - Inline (Key Word Contextual Targeting), Video In-Banner, Video Pre-Roll etc.
It pays with minimum $20.
Also you can run AdBrite ads with Google Adsense.
There are search specific ads. The ads are contextual by default.
It provides search targeted ads, mobile ads and local ads.
They have various formats of Ads provided by Chitika.
They pays minimum of $10 for paypal and pays $50 for cheqe payments.
You can use chitika ads with google adsense also.

Clicksor is very effective for small and mid size sites.
They provide inline text ads, Text Banner ads, graphical banner ads, pop-unders ads and Interstitial ads.
They pay in every 15 days with a $50 minimum payout.
They paid with Paypal, Check or Wired Transfer.
They pay 10% additional income every time you refer a Publisher or Advertiser to Clicksor's network.
This is also one of the best adsense alternatives.
They paid  for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion.
They  pay monthly, either by check, wire or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10.
They provides different banners like google adsense of different sizes like 468 X 60, 728 X 90, 234 X 60, 120 X 240, 160 X 600, 120 X 600, 300 X 600, 300 X 250 etc.
They also provide another option to increase your revenue by Bidvertiser toolbar.
Infolinks provides  inline contextual ads.
They pay via PayPal, bank wire transfer, ACH, more. There minimum payout is $50.
You can run with google adsense.
Kontera and Infolinks are similar type ads. They are very easy to use and every very easy to use in blogger blogs.
They paid with menimum amount of $50.
They have more than  15,000 publishers.