Friday, March 16, 2012

Create Custom Theme in SharePoint 2010

Theme is a very good feature in SharePoint by which you can be able to see different visual effects. The logic behind theme is MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010 is different. Now you can make SharePoint 2010 Themes by using Microsoft office.

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Here we will see how we can make a Theme by using PowerPoint 2010.
Open PowerPoint 2010

From the ribbon go to the design tab and click on Colors and Select Create New Theme Colors
as shown in the figure below.
This will open the Create New Theme Colors dialog box. Change the color and accordingly and Click on Save as shown in the figure below.
Now go to the Design tab and Click on the Font and Select Create New Theme Fonts... as shown in the figure below.
The above step will open Create New Theme Fonts dialog box. Select the fonts and click on Save as shown in the figure below:

Now to save the Theme first click on the button as shown in the figure below.
This will open the a dialog and from there click on Save Current Theme as shown in the figure below.
Browse for a location and save the theme and it is basically a .thmx file. In this step out theme is ready and we can use it in our SharePoint 2010 file.
To see how we can upload the custom Theme in our SharePoint 2010 site view this article.