Monday, May 21, 2012

Get current zone in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will discuss how to know about the zone of the incoming request.

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To know the zone of a request we can use the SPContext.Current.Site.Zone class. You can check some an Article on SPContex class in SharePoint 2010. This returns an enum of SPUrlZone which represents wether its a Default zone, Intranet Zone, Internet Zone, Custom Zone or Extranet Zone.

This is presented in Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration namespace and also this is available in Sandboxed solution.

Here is a code sample:

using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration;

                    string Zone = string.Empty;
                    if (SPContext.Current.Site.Zone == SPUrlZone.Extranet)
                        Zone = "Extranet";
                    else if (SPContext.Current.Site.Zone == SPUrlZone.Internet)
                        Zone = "Internet";
                    else if (SPContext.Current.Site.Zone == SPUrlZone.Intranet)
                        Zone = "Intranet";
                    else if (SPContext.Current.Site.Zone == SPUrlZone.Custom)
                        Zone = "Custom";
                    else if (SPContext.Current.Site.Zone == SPUrlZone.Default)
                        Zone = "Default";

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