Thursday, September 27, 2012

Social networking feature in SharePoint 2013

In this article we will discuss something about social networking features improved in SharePoint 2013. In this article we will discuss some Twitter terms in SharePoint 2013 like follow, @, #tag etc.

A user can follow  People, Documents, Sites and Tags. Following is a good feature introduced in SharePoint 2013 to stay connected with people and content the user likes.

1. Follow or UnFollow:
A user can follow people, content etc. If you follow a people, then  the posts and activities of the followed people show up in the user's newsfeed. You can also work with follow using client object model or server object model. You can check this article

User also can follow contents. When users following documents, sites, or tags, they get status updates about the followed items in their newsfeed. The features related to following content can be seen on the Newsfeed and the Following content pages on My Site. You can also work with follow or unfollow using SharePoint client object model or server object model. You can follow the msdn site for more.

If you do not want any updates, you can UnFollow them.

2. @ and #tag:
Like in Twitter we use @ and #, Here in SharePoint 2013 we can use @ and # tag for content as well as people. If user enters a tag, SharePoint helpfully provides some recommendations for the user to select from. If a user is identified using the @ tag, they will receive a Mention in their Newsfeed, as well as an email the way it works in Twitter.

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