Sunday, September 30, 2012

What is NOT there in SharePoint 2013?

In this article we will discuss some of the features which are not there in SharePoint 2013. You can check also check SharePoint 2013 Apps and browsers supported by SharePoint 2013.

1. SharePoint 2013 also removed one feature in SharePoint 2010 designer. Previously SharePoint 2010 designer has Design, Split and Code view for editing Aspx/Html pages. But SharePoint 2013 removed Design and Split view, now only Code view is presented in SharePoint 2013. This changed feature is
because Design view is not upto date with updated version of Internet explorer.

2. SharePoint 2013 has removed Document workspace site template.

3. SharePoint 2013 removes UI for changing search topology, Now Search topology can be changed only by using PowerShell.

4. SharePoint 2013 also removed Personalization site template.

5. Content Search Web Part has been removed in SharePoint 2013.

6. Sign in as Different User is missing from SharePoint 2013. ( But there are some workaround for this)

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