Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Communities in SharePoint 2013

In this article we will discuss about the new communities feature in SharePoint 2013. You can also check more SharePoint 2013 articles.

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SharePoint 2013 provides 2 new site templates to work with, namely Community Site and Community Portal. These templates are working same as SharePoint 2010 discussion board. Though SharePoint 2013 supports discussion boards also, but it has some advanced feature in these 2 new templates.

Community Site:
Community site is like forum where people in a organization go and do discussion in some topics. This helps in exchanging information between members inside organization.

Also you can organize discussions into various categories. Visitors can view the discussions and become members if they want to contribute to those discussions. Moderators manage the community by setting rules, reviewing and addressing inappropriate posts, marking interesting content as featured discussions, and so on. Moderators can also assign gifted badges to specific members to visually indicate that the member is recognized as a specific kind of contributor in the Community Site, such as an expert or a moderator. Each Community Site contains information about member and content reputation, which members earn when they actively post in discussions, and when their content is liked, replied to, or marked as a best answer.

There are different ways to deploy a community site:
1- By deploying a stand-alone community:
With a stand-alone community, you can create the Community Site at either a site collection or a site level.

2- By activating community features:
You can activate community features on any site, which provides the core Community Site pages, moderation, membership, and reputation functionality within the existing site without creating a separate Community Site.

The 2nd option is very much helpful, if you want to add community feature to your existing sites.

Community Portal:
The Community Portal is a search-driven page that surfaces SharePoint site collections and sites in the SharePoint farm that use the Community Site template. Users can visit the Community Portal to discover popular communities and to search for communities that they might want to join. The Community Portal relies on enterprise search for security trimming, and displays only Community Sites for which a user has at least read permissions.