Monday, October 22, 2012

Difference between Standalone Installation and Server Farm installation

In this article we will discuss about What is the difference between Standalone and Server Farm installation. You can also check SharePoint 2013 installation video and also you can check SharePoint workflow video tutorial.

There are two types of installation can be done, Standalone Installation and Server Farm installation. While installing SharePoint 2010, it will ask you which installation you want to do.
Standalone Installation:
- This is one of the simpleast installtion.

- This is a single-server installation, complete with the installation of SQL Server 2008 Express edition
on the server to manage databases. No other server can share the configuration database to spread the load of users accessing the SharePoint web pages.

- It has the same limitations of SQL Server 2008 Express edition, like Express can support only one CPU, has a 1 GB memory limit for its buffer pool, and, of course, has that infamous 4 GB database size limit. So out SharePoint database can not exceed 4GB.

- Standalone installation, all server configuration will be done automatically for you, using standard settings and local service accounts.

- You will be able to see all mdf and ldf database files in %Program Files%\Common Files\Microsoft
Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Data\MSSQL10.SHAREPOINT\MSSQL\DATA folder.

Server Farm:
- In Server Farm you have more control over the settings of your SharePoint configuration.

- You can use an existing SQL for database.

- Highly recommended if you want the web-accessing load between more than one server, all the servers pointing to the same configuration database.