Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Newsfeed in SharePoint 2013

In this article we will discuss about Newsfeed in SharePoint 2013. You can also check what are the features removed from SharePoint 2013?

Newsfeed is one of the popular improved feature in SharePoint 2013. The new Newsfeed is more likely to facebook or twitter. If you are familar with Twitter or Facebook, you will definitely like SharePoint 2013 Newsfeed.

The new UI is linke Facebook wall. In the new Newsfeed In the left hand side you will able to see your pics and links like about me, Task, Edit Profile, Site Contents. This links are helpful as its like quick links.

In the right hand side you can see the search box. And also see the your follow details. like how many people or documents or sites you follow. You can see this article to know more about follow/unfollow feature of SharePoint 2013.

In the middle portion of the wall, you will able to post Newsfeed like micro-blogging and also like in facebook you can give security for those content. Like you can set wether Everyone will be able to see the content or only sites you are following. For each thread you can also Like or give thread Reply also. You can also post youtube videos or document links also.
SharePoint 2013 supports @ and # tag. When entering a tag, SharePoint helpfully provides some recommendations for the user to select from with auto complete feature. If a user is identified using the @ tag, they will receive a Mention in their Newsfeed.

You can see Chris O'Brien wall for a UI looks:

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