Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New microblogging features in SharePoint 2013

In this article we will discuss what are the micro blogging features improvements in SharePoint 2013.

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If you’re familiar with popular social networking sites, you’ll feel right at home using the new microblogging features, which allow you to engage in threaded conversations in your Newsfeed. With microblogging, you can:
- Post to a public newsfeed, where everyone in your organization can view and respond to your posts.

- Post to a newsfeed on a team site, shared with a select group of people.

- Refer to other people in your posts. People are notified when they are mentioned in a post. You can quickly view all posts in which others have mentioned you.

- Include tags in newsfeed posts. You can quickly view all conversations that reference that tag.

- Share entire conversations by sending a link.

- “Like” posts in your newsfeed. People following you see posts you found interesting in their newsfeeds. You can view your “likes” later and find these posts again.

- Include pictures, videos, links to documents, and web URLs in your posts. You can modify web URLs to display as text.

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