Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SharePoint 2013 in-place holds

In SharePoint Server 2013, content that is put on hold is preserved, but users can still change it. The state of the content at the time of preservation is recorded. If a user changes the content or even deletes it, the original, preserved version is still available. Regular users see the current version of the content; compliance officers who have permissions to use the eDiscovery features of SharePoint Server 2013 can access the original, preserved version.

In-place holds in SharePoint Server 2013 offer improvements to the hold functionality in earlier versions of SharePoint Server. Improvements include the following:
- Documents, list items, pages, and Exchange Server 2013 mailboxes can be preserved.

- Preservation is done at the level of a site. Preserving a site preserves the contents of the site.

- Users can continue to work with content that is preserved. The content remains in the same location, and users can edit, delete, and add new content.

- A user who has permissions to perform eDiscovery can access the original version of preserved content.

- You do not have to preserve a whole site or mailbox. You can specify a query filter to define the scope of preservation, and preserve only the content that matches the query filter.

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